Brokerage Services: We believe in high standards of service and that is precisely what we offer. SIBL Securities Limited has appointed a group of dedicated and experienced authorized representatives to execute trade and to serve the investors in a very efficient manner with the help of latest technology.

Custodial Services: SIBL Securities Limited is offering its investors fire proof locker facility for safe keeping of the physical securities. It also ensures better services of Central Depository System (CDS).

Available Services for the investors
I. E-mail Service: Summarized Trade Confirmation and Portfolio Statement are being sent to the investors through e-mail at the end of every trading day.
II. SMS Service: 

Regular SMS: At the end of the trading day SMS is being sent to the investors as confirmation of the trade containing Securities name, quantity, rates with ledger balance.
Alert Message: The investor will receive an alert message for Additional Margin Deposit (amount exceeding the purchase power). The investor will also receive an alert message on execution of any payment from our end through BEFTN. 

III. Internet Service: We offer the service of execution of transaction of client's buy/sale order through Internet.