About Us

SIBL Securities Limited(SIBLSL), a 99.99% owned subsidiary of Social Islami Bank Ltd.(SIBL) one of the leading listed Islami Shariah based Banks in Bangladesh. SIBL Securities Ltd. established with a promise to be a leading brokerage house in the country and to strengthen the Country’s capital market. The Company started its activities as Stock Broker and Stock Dealer in Country’s both the stock exchanges (DSE & CSE) and working as a full service Depository Participant (DP) under Central Depository Bangladesh Ltd. (CDBL). The Company has a strong team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to achieve its ultimate objectives. 

Why SIBL Securities?

We see investing from your perception and make recommendations based on your aspiration. We also care your investment based on analytical judgment. One of our important goals is to simplify the way of investing for you in the primary and secondary market alongwith facilitating a long term benefits to our investors considering the time value of money. We stay in touch with our investors in every snap of capital market. 

We have hundred reasons for you to choose us. Listed below are a few:

Stability: We are a fully subsidiary of Social Islami Bank Limited (SIBL) having 123.00 crore paid-up-capital and is also one of the growing brokerage houses in the industry. We have been the first in providing many products and services, which are now industry standards.

First to provide Margin Financing to the investors;
Providing SMS alerts after execution of transactions (buy or sell);
Online trading facilities;
Fundamental & Technical Analysis;
Risk Management, Equity Portfolio Structuring and Stock analysis.

Value: Whether you are an investor with a small or large wallet, you can expect us to bring value to you in every sense of terms.

Advanced Customer Services;
Prompt trade execution;
Low transaction cost;
Risk minimization & Quality Research of investment.

Brokerage Services: We believe in high standards of service and that is precisely what we offer. SIBL Securities Limited has appointed a group of dedicated and experienced authorized representatives to execute trade and to serve the investors in a very efficient manner with the help of latest technology.

Custodial Services: SIBL Securities Limited is offering its investors fire proof locker facility for safe keeping of the physical securities. It also ensures better services of Central Depository System (CDS).

Available Services for the investors: 
I. E-mail Service: Summarized Trade Confirmation and Portfolio Statement are being sent to the investors through e-mail at the end of every trading day.
II. SMS Service: 
Regular SMS: At the end of the trading day SMS is being sent to the investors as confirmation of the trade containing Securities name, quantity, rates with ledger balance.

Alert Message: The investor will receive an alert message for Additional Margin Deposit (amount exceeding the purchase power). The investor will also receive an alert message on execution of any payment from our end through BEFTN. 

III. Internet Service: We offer the service of execution of transaction of client's buy/sale order through Internet.

Margin Loan Facilities: The Company offers Margin Loan facilities to the investors at an affordable profit rate in accordance with the Margin Rules, 1999 and amendment thereof. Enjoying the margin facility approved by the management from time to time investors may also invest in the transaction of securities.

Robust Technology: We have developed our own proprietary trading platform which is robust and among the best in the industry. We have professionals who are very much technically sound and skilled. They constantly work on upgrading and speeding up the systems.
Exceptional Research: We have our own in-house research team. Everyone of the Research team is highly experienced in the field of capital market. The team meditatively examines the fundamental of stocks and finds the scrip that have a high potential of providing the investors a good return.

Among other facilities the company provides the following facility to its investors:

Initial Public Offering (IPO) application process without any hassle;
Beneficiary Owner’s (BO) Account opening;
Dematerialization and Re-materialization of shares;
Transfer and Transmission of shares;
Payment made promptly through BEFTN and cheque;
Providing fundamental information and updates about listed securities; 
Pledging, un-pledging and confiscation of shares; and 
Circulate the update news/circulars/directives/notifications in connection with the Capital Market.